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Frequently Asked Questions:


1) Will I receive a proof of my order?

Definitely!  Once we receive all of the information for your order, we will begin designing you cards and we will email you a proof once the design is complete.


2) When will I receive a proof of my order?

We know that you would like to receive your proofs as soon as possible and we will do our best to best to email your proofs to you 3 to 6 weeks after we have received all of the details for your order.


3) What size should my photos be?

We suggest high resolution images with a dpi of approximately 300.  Your photo should be approximately 1500 pixels by 2100 pixels.


4) Can I see proofs of the cards prior to placing an order?

We completely understand that you would love to see your cards before purchasing them but at this time, we are only providing proofs after an order have been placed.  If we do decide to change this, will update the FAQs.


5) Do you sell the digital files of your cards that I can print mysef?

At this time, we are not offering this service.


6) Do you ship to countries other than the United States and Canada?

We do!  Currently, our products can be shipped worlwide.


7) What if my photos do not have a vintage look to them?

Don't worry, we add that for you!  Send us your images as they are and we will edit them to have a vintage look! You can use any photos that you want!


8) Can my cards have rounded corneres?

Definitely!  The corners of the cards can be cut to be rounded instead of square during our production process.  Simply select the rounded corner option when ordering.


9) Can I purchase my edited photos?

Yes, of course!  Please ask us for details.


***  Don't see the answer to the question you have?   Please feel free to contact us here.  We'd be happy to help you!